Summer Sounds

Last night I got the chance to go over to Brewski’s Tavern with my pal Jodie Geddes to hear some amazing musicians that I’ve gotten to know in the last year or so. As I bobbed my head to their performances and mouthed their words that I realized I had come to know, I thought about the fact that here I was listening to original music (mostly-there were some bad ass covers periodically) by brothers who could be out doing other things but had dedicated themselves to perfecting their craft. Through open mics, solo shows, concerts, etc. these dudes have spent time planning, executing, getting feedback from listeners, and producing some amazing sounds. I am going to stop writing so much and link you to them so you can find out how bad they are for yourself.

Rome D’CArlo– Rome D’Carlo is a phenomenal MC with some serious intellect. Not afraid to share his personal story through his words, Rome connects with listeners at the most human level and commands the room to listen. Asking the questions that we are sometimes too afraid to ask ourselves, Rome is vulnerable and incredibly strong at the same time.

Justin the Beloved– I first heard Justin at The Sweet Shop on Elm St in Greensboro. When I heard his introduction, I didn’t know what to expect given the fact that Jesus and I are seeing other people right now. Here’s what happened: This guy took his voice and love for Christ and made a bold statement. I’ve gotten to share in this experience for a while now and look forward to his future work. Being around Justin in the short time that I have known him has reminded me that there are Christians who recall what the real message of Christ was and have dedicated themselves to sharing it.

Jamison Bethea– Where do I begin? Wit, dedication, proven talent. I’ve seen Jamison put out soulful work of his own that shows his versatility and refusal to be boxed in and then turn around and support a plethora of other artists’ work. My belief is that Greensboro’s music scene will grow and be a model for other cities because of how the people in this city work together to make shit happen. Jamison Bethea is a model of that collaborative spirit.